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seventh notebook

This is not a conventional book!

I have written this book from my heart, for those who are able to read with their hearts... 

If you are a daring soul and a seeker/warrior of love and truth, on the path to manifest your best yet, give me your hand and together we will dance the most beautiful dance we were born to enjoy…

This, is the story of the journey of women and men, from innocence towards divine... And the things that happen in between...And the reason behind it all...

…”The seventh notebook”, since I had always dreamed of continuing from where my beloved Mowlana, (Rumi) left off…

…And I said “SHUT UP AND ENJOY!”, to Adam, who was eating his chocolate joyfully, but in the middle, started to feel guilty saying: “Ah! It’s not good for me”, and by feeling so, making it so...

… May you enjoy reading this seventh notebook as much as I enjoyed writing it, and May our minds stay quiet and let our hearts to lead, feel, enjoy and dance…

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The journal style of this writers work allows us insights and glimpses into her day to day living, her relationships, her growing wisdom and consciousness through experience and self-exploration as well as her personality. The writer offers wisdom learnt as a gift to share and pass on like all good teachers too. The message ... Our lives are our teachers and our innate spirit the interpreter and master of what we make of it. A lovely little book that can be read in one sitting and change your state of mind and feeling from doing so, to embrace the spaciousness and connection to more meaningful ways of being your deeper truth and consciousness. Great job Tina, you've offered us a piece of you, as well as invited us to connect with a piece of us, a deeper part we all share in common.


I really enjoyed the book. The best word that describes this book is “honest”, even more, honest than a diary. I had enjoyed the confidence and clarity of the book, and even the fact that was not so polished and refined. The title of the book is well chosen as it reminds throughout the book that the message is to enjoy and shut up and do not complain. Reading this book is like talking to a dear friend for hours and getting to know the deepest thought and stories of childhood and upbringing, struggles and reflections.
The book is about the journey of the soul and body, she shows how to accept and cherish her femininity, her past experiences (culture and family), the food offered by a roommate and even a broken leg. I must confess that finally in this book I understood to ask and let go at the same time, through a very common daily experience.


Great read, the author takes you on a journey in her like that's like an unpredictable ocean sometimes the words are calms and soothing and sometimes you feel the storm but overall a pleasant journey. Highly recommend this book.


Hey Tina!
I've just finished your book
last night and I loved it!!!
It's funny, light, easy to read but full of sense, thought, and truth!!! I love all part about Adam and Eve..., really loved it! ❤️❤️
I should have asked for your signature, sure you will become famous!
Plus, I didn't know you were over 40! You look more like 37-38!! (Yes it was quite a realization for me)
Anyway, I've told Rara that she had to read it as well!
Thanks for this moment of happiness!!! 😃😃😍


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