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For Today...

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

In the name of the source of Kindness.️️

For today, I acknowledge that as well as being a loyal and caring citizen of my country, I am also a citizen of the Mother Earth and I choose to have love and appreciation in my heart for everyone including myself.

For today, I will be the change that I expect to happen in the world.

For today I choose Peace, Kindness, Wisdom,  Respect and Love for myself and all as my dominant vibrations and for today I take steps towards flowing these qualities in me and my life and naturally to others, for today. 

For today,  I spend some time Appreciating the Miracle which is me and Miracle Creating Energy that is flowing into me and through me and from me. 

For today I aspire for myself to be better than yesterday and leave others out of the equation. 

For today I have clear and proper boundaries for myself as well as for others and rejoice in the respect I have for myself and others. 

For today I choose to focus and see the Good, the Positive and the Love in the world to do my bit to help grow and flow these qualities on Mother Earth.

For today I choose to think, say and act with Kindness, Rightness and Goodness.

For today, I allow at least a little bit more Beauty,  Kindness, Wisdom and Joy to be added to our Collective Consciousness through me and Appreciate myself at least a little bit more because of it.

For today, I allow a little bit more of feeling Worthy to flow in me and for today,  I cease to attempt to prove my worthiness to myself and others and accept that just by existing,  I am worthy of fulfillment of all my heart's desires and receiving all the best and the Beauty and Excellence that life has to offer. And I allow others to receive their best as well, realizing that the resources of the Universe are unlimited and there is more than enough for everyone. 

For today,  I choose to ask all that I want and need including Love, from The Source of All That Is, rather than asking of or relying on fellow humans to provide these for me. For today, I acknowledge that others might not be in a place to give me what I need, ask or expect and by doing so save myself from hurt, disappointment, unhelpful entanglements and waste of energy.

For today I forgive myself and others for not being able to provide what was expected, when was expected and accept that non of us are perfect and all of us are doing the best we can and deserve Compassion and Kindness regardless of where we are.

For today I Light a candle with the intention that the flame transforms the negativity into positivity and I rejoice in this change for better.

For today I choose to Enjoy the Journey as well as the Destination. 

For today,  I spend some time to meditate, connect with the source and bask in the greatest relationship that I have which is my relationship with my higher self.

For today, I take responsibility for the choices I have made and their consequences and Cherish and Appreciate the good ones and remain Kind, Forgiving  and Understanding towards myself for the one's I consider to be mistakes and still Rejoice in the Growth they Gifted me with. 

For today I Take it Easy a little more  and Relax a little more and Trust life a little more and Believe a little more of being Worthy of Good Things to Flow in Me and My Life and by doing so, make it so. 

For today I make life a little bit easier for myself and for others wherever and whenever I can.

For today, I am more aware that I am the creator of my own reality and take responsibility for what I have created and free myself from unhealthy and unhelpful beliefs of being a helpless victim and take my Life in my own hands, Rejoice in Being in Charge of My Own Life and My Own Freedom. 

For today, I take one more step towards Creating Heaven on Earth, by allowing it first in my Heart and Mind and then in my Life, benefiting Everyone including myself in the process...

For today...

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