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please check our special offers page. We try to the best of our ability, to make it possible for anyone who wishes, to be able to enjoy the benefits of our sessions. To see our special offers please go to our page here. 

During the years of search and through my own experiences, (some not very easy or pleasant), I acquired very helpful qualities to enhance my level of being/vibrating…

 And releasing the unhelpful qualities and allowing a higher level of love and kindness to flow…
In my sessions I share with you the experience of more than 20 years of walking in the path of expanding myself, my self-growth, self-love and self-awareness as well as doing so for others, to ease you through your journey and help you reach to higher levels of contentment and happiness and enrichment than you thought possible. If on the way there are a couple of blocks that needs attending to, we will tend to them as well.

(We might use tapping, hypnotherapy, affirmation, prayer or any other modality that intuitively feels right to us.) 

To book an online session and receive the form please click here.
For a face to face session, you need to book an online session first and then we will decide if we will continue with the online or one on one sessions. 

Remember that each one of us has all the recourses and the answers within. But it makes things much easier and quicker to receive the right support from an experienced and good willing fellow marcher so that rather than walk with difficulty and suffering, enjoy the process, walk more easily and efficiently as well as being enriched beyond one’s own capacity to be enriched by themselves...

Filling this questionnaire, is the start of your session and a very important step. As well as helping us design your session tailored for you, it helps you to have a good examination of yourself and an understanding of where you are at this point in your life. It helps you to be more clear and consequently more focused about your expected outcome. It also gives you a tool to gauge your improvements.( with the help of these sessions your life will start to turn for better so smoothly that you might not realize how much improvement has happened to you unless you look back and see how differently you answer the same questions...)

  • In the next step, we will get back to you to find a suitable time for our appointment to pencil in.​

  • For the final step, please make your payment and let us know, so that your appointment will be confirmed. (Payments/donations need to be made at least 5 days before the session otherwise your appointment will be cancelled.)


"The hypnotherapy session I had with Tina was a success. I recently ended a 10 years relationship and part of my emotion was trapped in the past with difficulties to move forward. Therefore I came to Tina for help. The session was held in a peaceful and secluded place with good energy surrounding us. It lasted about 2hours, during the 2 hours Tina guided me into my soul beyond this dimension and enable me to connect with my higher self to acquire answers about the issues I have in my life. At the end of the session, I felt much more lighter and definitely less baggage in my soul. I would recommend people to try this healing modality with Tina to free yourself from whatever emotion bondage you have. Take the first step and set the right intention, everything else will follow. Thank you Tina"



"After this experience, I really feel good, full of energy.I saw for the first time some of my past life, I enjoyed that. I will look at the life differently now. Thank you for everything."



"I feel high! everything felt so personal and powerful. really interesting. I need some time to digest it all. Thank you! :)"



"Very surprised after the session to understand what is this for. I feel incredible!"



"I understood that my health is a lot more important to me than any other thing...I am feeling energetic, confident and positive"...
(A few months later)
..."Thank you very much. Our session was the reason for many great changes in my life. I am deeply grateful."



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