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Dr.Tina Light

For the year 2021*, we would like to offer a number of sessions, for those who might be genuinely experiencing financial difficulties at the moment,  on a discounted/donation basis, as an act of kindness and with the intention of contributing our part to the expansion of kindness, harmony, clarity and compassion in this world. 

So instead of our usual fixed payments, we let you pay according to your financial circumstances. In exchange, we ask you to perform an act of kindness as well, dedicated to the same intentions mentioned above. Of course the first person that benefits from your act of kindness will be yourself, and then every other being...

If you agree and wish to do a session with us in this way, please follow the same steps in the Booking sessions page.

 Please remember to fill the part about an act of kindness in your questionnaire.  For the payment part, let us know how much you are able to afford.   

*We keep the right to change/remove this offer or any other offers at any time. 

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