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Dr.Tina Light

Enhancement sessions, are the fruit of nearly 30 years of my experience in various modalities to heal, release/use negative emotions, grow, find answers to questions, expand one's horizon and reach a point when one can actually enjoy the life experience...And then, one keeps going further.... towards enhancing oneself and ultimately others as well.

The aim of these sessions are for you to meet with your higher-self and become one with it in a conscious level, so that after the session, you bring more of who you really are and how you are really meant to live back with you in your normal day-to-day reality. This will help you to manifest your true light and your true self and a much deeper understanding, in this apparent dimension of life which we are currently focused at.

In other words, these sessions will help you to go beyond mundane obstacles and help you to have a glimpse of your potentials beyond your current perceived limitations, so that you can observe and bask in your totality and come back transformed, hit the ground running towards manifesting your best version, more free, more abundant, more joyful and more "ALIGHT"...


I design and use the modalities tailored specifically for each person based on their needs, desires, capabilities and questions. So every session is a unique journey, same as every individual is a unique being even compared to themselves in different times...

A very important fact to remember is that it is YOU who is doing the real work. I am a facilitator and a supporter, same as when you walk in an unknown path with a friend who has already walked there and can support you or make suggestions to ease your path, but cannot and will not walk for you. 

My suggestion is that after you did one session and felt that it is for you, in order to allow the excellent results to keep manifesting, it is best to commit to at least 3 sessions within a year as well as listening to the provided meditations at least once a day. However, as each person is unique, we will tailor further plans and the suitable interval between sessions based on their individual needs and wants.


I am grateful and honored to say that every single person we undertook the journey together, had an excellent and satisfying experience, which is the greatest of rewards in itself...


Finally, let me share the experience of a few people who have received the Enhancement Sessions;



Siamak, Iran;

(Siamak is a seasoned meditator and seeker.)

A few months ago, I did a session with Tina. My preparation for the session started with answering the questionnaire, which I found particularly helpful and my mind state started to improve there and then.

During the session I was in a very deep meditative state accompanied by intuition, cleansing, meeting my inner guide, receiving positive energy and very efficient answers to my questions.

There were many aspects about my life illuminated positively, which I had never considered or thought about them

The effects of these session were much deeper than I expected and it started a new current in my life which still continues to create transformation and change.

 I am experiencing the ongoing positive effects of this session and I am living in a higher state of existing.

My deepest experience was getting in touch with my inner guide in a level that I wasn’t aware of it being possible.

Looking forward to our next session!

Chime Lhamo, New Zealand;

"Having a session with Tina is so healing. She has such a nurturing and kind approach, and her techniques bring so much clarity and insight. I always feel so much better afterwards." 

April, New Zealand;

"The session I had with Tina was a success. I recently ended a 10 years relationship and part of my emotion was trapped in the past with difficulties to move forward. Therefore I came to Tina for help. The session was held in a peaceful and secluded place with good energy surrounding us. It lasted about 2 hours, during the 2 hours Tina guided me into my soul beyond this dimension and enable me to connect with my higher self to acquire answers about the issues I have in my life. At the end of the session, I felt much more lighter and definitely less baggage in my soul. I would recommend people to try this healing modality with Tina to free yourself from whatever emotion bondage you have. Take the first step and set the right intention, everything else will follow. Thank you Tina" 

Yohan, Germany;

"After this experience, I really feel good, full of energy.I saw for the first time some of my past life, I enjoyed that. I will look at the life differently now. Thank you for everything."

Victor, France;

​"I feel high! everything felt so personal and powerful. really interesting. I need some time to digest it all. Thank you! :)"

Pepe, Chile;

​"Very surprised after the session to understand what is this for. I feel incredible!"

Gurvinder, India;

​"I understood that my health is a lot more important to me than any other thing...I am feeling energetic, confident and positive"...(A few months later)..."Thank you very much. Our session was the reason for many great changes in my life. I am deeply grateful."

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